In addition to partnerships with the Lawrence Hall of Science and Castle Science & Technology Center, we value alliances with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and our Bay Area neighbor, the Exploratorium.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

When CTY invited us to present Explorations in Nanoscale Science and Technology as part of their 2007 Science & Technology series, we welcomed the opportunity to share our science and the unique resources of the Berkeley campus with 150 science-motivated Bay Area 7th to 10th graders and their families.


Through COINS’ partnership with NISEnet (Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, a consortium of science museums across the US)—we are involved in joint activities with this extraordinary science discovery museum. Their participation in our CTY Nano Day event added a thought-provoking dimension to the program, with a forum on Nanotechnology in Healthcare, presented separately for both students and parents. And in April, as part of the NISEnet National Nano Week, COINS postdoc Nicola Ferralis participated in an innovative activity at the Exploratorium, leading a science discussion following the presentation of Consent, an original “Nano Play” that addressed ethical issues surrounding nano medicine.

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