We believe that a person’s academic achievement should
be bounded solely by the horizon of his or her intellectual
curiosity, and that the breadth of innovation of people
from all backgrounds is essential to the vitality of the
physical sciences. Guided by these beliefs, the Compass
Project seeks to nurture a community-focused
environment that will empower students to succeed in
pursuing their scientific interests and contribute
uniquely to the physical sciences community.
The Compass Mission

About Compass

Launched in summer 2007 at UC Berkeley, The Compass Project is a program that supports diversity in the physical sciences by bringing together undergraduate and graduate students through exceptional teaching and learning experiences. For the undergraduates, the main focus of Compass is an intensive two-week summer program for incoming freshmen (with an emphasis on women and minorities), as well as continued mentorship and support throughout their college careers. For the graduate students, Compass provides a platform for discussing issues related to physics education, and a unique opportunity to advance their teaching skills.

COINS provided funds to support the initial implementation of the program. Our commitment is to also contribute to the program’s vitality through direct involvement of COINS scientists by providing mentorship and research experiences.

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